Furnished apartment in Baridhara diplomatic zone

Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is regarded as one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas in Dhaka town in the South-West region of the Baridhara area. The Diplomatic Zone in Baridhara is a vital neighborhood with numerous embassies. In the calm and safe part, those eager to find the most extraordinary things in life can indeed find a house that suits their tastes. Let’s look at the top five reasons why Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is an excellent place to stay.

The Prestige Factor

If you buy a furnished apartment in the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, you may be happy as the proud owner of a luxury flat in Dhaka in a renowned neighborhood with many international embassies and offices around the corner. Here you’ll find the US Embassy, the High Commission of Canada, the Embassy of Japan, etc.

High Security

The security issue is one of the main worries when purchasers look at apartments for sale in Dhaka. Baridhara, being a diplomatic zone, gives residents with security surveillance stations at various locations of the district a better peace of mind in this region. A police station is also available in the neighborhood to provide maximum safety.

Serene Surroundings

Although Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is a highly developed region, it gives you a calm neighborhood distant from sound pollution and the daily turmoil of Dhaka city. You may enjoy serene and peaceful surroundings while being linked with the city pulse if you want to acquire an apartment in this neighborhood. The Baridhara Lake offers a fantastic refuge to escape your daily life’s monotony. As winter or winter is approaching, you may walk by the lake in the mornings and see the winter fog enveloping nature. In the vicinity, there is also a lovely park.

Convenient Location

Location is, without doubt, one of the most severe considerations for prospective homeowners. You may enjoy many amenities in the proximity of your house with an apartment in the Baridhara Diplomatic Area. There are well-known educational institutions, medical facilities, hotels, etc.